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"His playful, brazen, tightly wound songs grabbed me immediately."

-Todd Tobias, Producer, Guided By Voices


"A full sound, polished hooks, delivered with an almost McCartney-esque sonic diversity. Hard to believe these are home recordings!"

-Dennis Pilon, Poprock Record


If you only have time to read a paragraph:

Where Is Your Dog Now? is a music project by Andrew Haworth based in Los Angeles. Using his bedroom as a studio, he has recorded almost three hundred and fifty songs since its inception. Each album is a “greatest hits” compilation of these songs, constructed in large part based on feedback given by his mother. Haworth synthesizes the genre-hopping irreverence of Ween, the riff-driven sardonic wit of Arctic Monkeys, and the raw emotion of Courtney Barnett and Mitski. His new record, The First Songs in the World, exuberantly explores painful subjects like the breakup of a pandemic relationship, getting a job after living on unemployment, and holding your piss while drunk.

If you can stay awhile:

Where Is Your Dog Now? is a music project by Andrew Haworth. He is from Houston, Texas and currently based in Los Angeles, California. 


Burned out by the film program during his last year of college, Haworth returned to his first artistic love: music. Over the next few years, he released 9 albums under his own name.


Then the pandemic hit and Haworth found himself with endless unemployed free time. He couldn’t stop thinking about how the band Ween would lock themselves away to record dozens of songs, only keeping the ones that inexplicably worked. Haworth had also noticed that most people gravitated towards a single song on each of his albums as the highlight. Freed from the shackles of clocking in and out, he was determined to assemble an album that was just the hits.


This album was Songs From the Second Wave, a 14 song concept album about the pandemic that was cut down from 112 songs recorded. Haworth sent every song to his mom to get outside feedback on which ones really worked. Under the umbrella of ‘90s alt rock and a power pop aesthetic, the album hops between genres, styles, characters, and moods. Haworth felt the album was a more significant achievement than his previous work and deserved to be filed in a different drawer. Thus, the name Where Is Your Dog Now? was chosen as a way to represent the project’s simultaneous sense of humor and epic ambitions.


Having completed this monumental task, with no end to the pandemic in sight, Haworth began working on the second Where Is Your Dog Now? album. While the first record dealt with the surprise and horror of the pandemic, the second, Country Songs for People Who Hate This Country was more focused on the feeling of getting used to living in an absolute nightmare. Cut down from 130 songs recorded, it is once again a humorous and eclectic piece of work, but disease and darkness lurks in the background of every song.


The third album, The First Songs in the World, stubbornly searches for catharsis during a time of great change in Haworth’s life. Cut down from 105 songs recorded, this final album in the “Pandemic Songs” trilogy is a pleasurable scream into the void, questioning if anything will ever change in the world while simultaneously proving that plenty of things do, even if it’s just within ourselves.

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