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Didn't really sleep last night, too anxious from a day of shopping for music video stuff and finding out some stuff wasn't going to work (I did get myself a treat though). But that's okay because the new ways of making the music videos are actually going to be more freeing and fun and creative, even if I have to sacrifice some pretentious realism (shadow puppetry traded in for cheap green screen iPod commercial effects).

Going to Target today to pick up a bunch of stuff for the music videos. Yesterday I edited a bunch of train POV footage because that's a big part of one of them. A little worried about the actual shooting of the videos because they're a little ambitious, but mostly I just want to get a head start on editing and animating them. If I have enough energy after shopping today I'm going to get myself a little treat.

Making a list of things I need for all the music videos because I'm going to try to shoot most of them next week. Hoping that each of them don't take longer than a day to shoot because 3/4 of them are animated and I need as much time as possible to make that happen. I've decided to only focus on things I can control (making music videos, this blog, behind the scenes stuff) rather than long shots (submitting to music blogs and spotify playlists) because I think it will make me happier, and I'm not willing to be unhappy for my art just yet.



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