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While meditating today I was very distracted trying to figure out when the camera should pan up for a big reveal for an upcoming music video. I figured it out and then realized I had most likely figured it out earlier because I'd already storyboarded the whole thing. But it's nice that my brain wants to double check these things.

Listened to some Disturbed songs on my drive home from work last night and Disturbed spotify radio on my 15 minute run this morning. Haven't gone deep with them but I like the hits a lot. Linkin Park's One Step Closer came on as well and I fantasized about doing a cover of it during a Halloween show. I really want the next album to be dark and fun and weird.

When I was a kid my friend and I recorded One Step Closer in a tape recorder and then played it on fast forward so it sounded like a chipmunk and that was maybe the hardest I've ever laughed in my life, until I saw this. Once my little work week is over I'm gonna really have to start gathering materials for the music videos. But for now I'm just relaxing and binging Taskmaster NZ.

Thinking that when I start making new music again it should be more cinematic and vibey, so I've made a playlist based on a list of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. Was supposed to just be the top song from each album but when it got to stuff like Boogie Nights and Goodfellas I had to do quite a few. I simply had to!

I also made a playlist based on a list of the weirdest albums of all time because I think my new music should be weirder. Though there were no Ween albums on that list so who knows how much I can trust it. Maybe Ween is implied...

I recently finished listening to a playlist I made that was a song from almost every country in the world, also based on a really cool list I found. Reasoning behind this was to try to get out of Western habits I guess. All of this is my attempt to explore more and make adventurous music while still retaining a listenable pop sensibility. Excited to see what I can do!



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