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Thinking that when I start making new music again it should be more cinematic and vibey, so I've made a playlist based on a list of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. Was supposed to just be the top song from each album but when it got to stuff like Boogie Nights and Goodfellas I had to do quite a few. I simply had to!

I also made a playlist based on a list of the weirdest albums of all time because I think my new music should be weirder. Though there were no Ween albums on that list so who knows how much I can trust it. Maybe Ween is implied...

I recently finished listening to a playlist I made that was a song from almost every country in the world, also based on a really cool list I found. Reasoning behind this was to try to get out of Western habits I guess. All of this is my attempt to explore more and make adventurous music while still retaining a listenable pop sensibility. Excited to see what I can do!



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